June 20, 2018

Content is always the king be it for traditional or online platforms. Today, content marketing is one of the most common buzzwords in digital marketing. Content has always helped businesses and marketers to enjoy the supremacy and reap great returns. In current time, content marketing is essential for online marketing.

A powerful and engaging content attracts viewers and drives traffic and conversions on brands’ website. Good content earns new customers to the business. With impressive content, brands can strategically plan their marketing moves. Content marketing is not only about posting items on your social media feeds but it is much more than that like blogging, articles, authored pieces and so on. Brand pages need to have a clear sense of what they need to accomplish and how their content is supposed to move them closer to their objectives and digital marketing strategy.

According to renowned digital marketer Mr. Ashish Bhalla, content marketing is a significant part of digital marketing, as it works with SEO, email marketing, and social media. Content must benefit a clearly targeted audience. Content must be meet the needs, interests, questions, concerns, and pain points of your customers and definitely the prospect ones too. Brands must focus on creating content which would inform, entertain, and engage consumers in a significant way. Content writers must keep in mind while developing content that it must be valuable, relevant, and consistent to your target audience.

According to a website in a recent survey, asked 600 marketing professionals what they thought were the most important digital marketing trends for 2015. Content marketing was the number one answer with 29.6% – ahead of other hot topics like big data (14.6%), marketing automation (12.8%), mobile marketing (11.0%), and social media marketing (8.9%). Other research found that 63% of companies say posting on social media increased their marketing effectiveness. Companies with blogs attract more inbound links, and blogs on company websites tend to attract more visitors.

Relevant and effective blogs or online content, delivered over a period of time, give instant recognition to the brand and create a decent image in the eyes of consumers. Brand’s content must reflect the same character that helps consumers get to know you and grow familiar with the organization.

Today, where everything is there online, consumers have become much more aware and seek information and reviews before making the purchasing decisions. People want good content that helps them make good decisions. According to a study, 70% of consumers prefer to learn about companies through articles instead of advertising. So content has a major role to play in marketing.

Content marketing has potential to deliver conversions and ROI, so marketers expect an increase in emphasis on this metric over the next year. Once brands post the content on their site, it’ll continue to inform existing and potential customers day after day, year after year — at no extra charge.




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