May 2, 2018

By Ashish Bhalla

The digital landscape has been rapidly evolving with deeper penetration and higher reach. Digitization can simply be called as the next revolution to evolution of the smart generation and smarter lifestyle. Human connecting and accepting technology to simplify has been quite a phenomenon globally. The smart world is the new way forward for this generation. The accent of social media is the new way of being a part of a virtual society without any stereotypes or taboos. While we talk about digitization simplifying life, on the other hand the privacy is been compromised on a regular basis. Do you think you have a private space in online too? Well technically yes, but are you safe? No. The concern towards data protection and privacy is currently on of the eminent subjects in this digital landscape. The vulnerability of this medium has been observed on several occasions.

The recent Facebook data privacy issue has been a big blow to the social media platforms with the vulnerability of privacy. Also, the Aaadhar issue has also been a continuous dilemma for the common mass.

As per the digital marketing analyst, Ashish Bhalla, we are an evolving generation with a paradigm shift in technological landscape. We are still in the process of transition and soon going to see better results. But yes the data is at stake with more players joining this sector. But actually people are scared of the “data” word. No matter which portal you approach, be that a social media site, e-commerce site or a grocery app, everyone is very cautious about how their first-party data is used.

It is the consumer’s responsibility to check the credentials of the app, data and the usage of it. Basic digital education should be a part of a human cycle. It is imperative if you are now read through the disclaimers and falling in the data leak trap.


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