March 25, 2018

Growing your business on social media is not just about posting images and articles on your business pages. It needs much more than that and one of the first things is to keep you updated about the trends.

I ensure you that you will be able to prepare an outstanding social media marketing plan for your business after reading this article.

1.Video Consumption will increase.

Videos are gaining a lot of popularity on social media. Audience engagement on videos is higher than any other types of post. People eyes always get stuck on the video on their timeline. So, in 2018 brands are going to invest a heavy amount in video marketing.

2.Instagram Stories – a place for creativity and engagement.

Instagram is providing more options for creativity in its stories like seasonal stickers, rewind features, zoom in feature, live polls, and live stories. As story comes on the top of the app’s timeline, people engage more here. So, brands will use their creativity to engage people through stories.

3.Instagram will be the social media platform of 2018

Facebook would like to Kill Snapchat in all possible ways. You would probably notice your posts on Facebook getting less traction but more engagement on Instagram. Facebook wants you to use Instagram heavily this will increase the usage pattern by all means and slowly kill the consumption of snapchat. Instagram advertisements, Instagram boost posts is where your investment should be.

4.Brands are going to invest a huge amount in live features.

Live sessions on social media are becoming the most preferred way to engage users and gain their trust. You can communicate with users directly and answer their questions and solve their problems. According to a report celebrities are using live features a lot for a direct interaction with their users. Brands have also started using this feature to gain the trust of their customers.

If you haven’t buy a tool to go live on social media like BeLive or Wirecast then you should buy these pieces of equipment soon.

5.Quality Of Content:

Content is the king and that’s what is the slogan of digital media in 2018. You should identify the problems of your customers and try to solve them through a blog, creative posts and solve their problems. Create your own post; do not try to copy others because the quality is the first priority for social platforms now.



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