March 31, 2018

As a beginner, it was difficult for me to cop-up with the growing need of social media engagements for my clients, especially on Facebook. Slowly I started building my own set of groups where I started joining and started sharing information. I also got a lot of valuable inputs from these groups. Here is the list of those groups which I created with my 10 years of experience which I use time to time to get various digital solutions.

13 top influential groups on Facebook

1. Digital Marketing Question & Answers

Admin: Sorav Jain

One of the best Digital media enthusiast. Get updated with latest trends with Sourav Jain. I couldn’t find a better-informed person till date. His trend analysis is great and helped me to build a lot of eye-catching plans for my various clients.

Link –

2.Digital marketing hacks for entrepreneurs W/JR

Admin: Austin

The group focuses on information share and earning both.

Link –

3.SEO -Digital Marketing Group

Admins: Vikas & Sumit

This group is primarily meant for user-to-user discussions about SEO and Digital Marketing topics.

Link –

4.Social Media for Entrepreneurs

Admin: Josh

Get a lot of success and failure stories from across the digital media community freaks. You will love to join a group like this.

Link –

5.Digital Marketing Ideas

Admin: Santanu

This group is great, especially for the people who want to build his career in SEO and SMO domain.

Link –

6.Email Marketing

Admin: Tim Burd

Lot of time I faced a problem when my client asked me to share inputs and value of Email marketing. When I started back then, Email marketing was one of the best solutions, we could offer to our client. But as time passed the value of E-mail marketing changed. Get all the latest trends with Tim Burd, one of the best Email marketer I came across.

Link –

7.Superstar SEO

Admin: Chris.M Walker

The content is king, be it today or back then. Yes, the value of content on search platform also evolved over the period of time. But wait, How you will be able to get the best bet. Check Superstar SEO. Follow their regular updates and it will surely help you grow your business in the online domain.

Link –

8.Digital Marketing Asia: Singapore & Beyond

Admin: Sharon Neo

Where is most of the MNCs headquarter? It’s Singapore. Right! Then follow the group called Digital marketing Asia and get to know how to work in the global environment. It’s one of the must follow the group for sure.

Link –

9.Digital marketing Enthusiasts

Admin: Shashank Srivastava

Oh yehh! Digital of today may not be of your use for tomorrow. You have to get to know what’s trending, what all new features are added for the various platform. I follow this group called Digital Marketing Enthusiasts and gained a lot. My advice would be to follow and show others that you are the most updated person among your peers when it comes to trends in digital media

Link –

10.SEO group – SEO Experts worldwide

Admin: Mustafizur Rahman

This is the second group which I recommend to follow for all the latest update on SEO.

Link –

11.Digital marketing & SEO jobs, update, tricks & tips

Admin: Adam Ryan

Tricks are the most important part of the success of your campaign. Especially in the search domain. You may know the basic principles of SEO, but when it comes to gain the quick results, you have to have tricks to get it. This platform for sure will help you get those tricks:

Link –

12.Digital Marketing Professionals

Admin: Manjunatha

A can’t miss platform for all the digital media professional

Link –

13.Learn Digital Marketing

Admin: Deepak Kanakaraju

It’s a saying that the best mind team up together to produce the best results. Oops! At times the phrase is taken other way round as well. Don’t worry, this group will not let you go down. I got ample solution to my problems within this group itself.

Link –

Hope. You liked the content and will enjoy my experience to build your digital portfolio.


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